Appeal overturned

Class Q success

The project

Our client had been using 2 redundant agricultural buildings in Wiltshire for the personal storage and maintenance of vehicles for in excess of ten years and had received a recent appeal dismissal for a Class Q conversion of a further redundant agricultural building to a residential dwelling.

Following initial contact from the Council’s Enforcement Department RAW Planning were engaged to review the Class Q refusal and to regularise the unauthorised storage use. We obtained a Certificate of Existing Lawful Use for the storage buildings enabling our client to retain his collection of vehicles.

Following a review of the dismissed Class Q appeal we submitted a fresh Prior Notification application successfully demonstrating that the location and siting of the proposed dwelling would be neither impractical nor undesirable (overcoming the appeal reason for refusal).

Our client is delighted that he can continue to store his collection of vehicles within his buildings and that he can now convert a redundant barn to provide a bespoke dwelling for him to live in and we look forward to seeing the completed dwelling.