planning application fees saved


Planning Applications approved

The project

We act for a charitable landowner client in Berkshire who owns a farm which has been tenanted by the same family for two generations. However, the farm was in dire need of redevelopment with little investment since the 1960’s, the buildings were no longer fit for purpose as modern farming methods have evolved.

We felt the opportunity warranted specialist advice, so we recommended a farm building contractor to advise the client on the exact specifications of the buildings required in order to future proof the farm.

Several of the buildings could be approved via permitted development rights. Therefore, we advised the client to submit three separate applications: two permitted development ’28 day’ applications seeking up to 1,000sqm of new agricultural floorspace, and a full planning application for the remainder of the required buildings.

This strategy saved the client around £15,000 in planning application fees! All three applications were approved, and the farm is now under construction.