If a development has taken place or a use is being carried out without the benefit of planning permission, it might be possible to obtain a Certificate of Existing Lawful Development or Use, which confirms immunity from Enforcement Action.

The time limits for applying for a Certificate of Existing Lawful Development or Use are:

4 years

for building works or the change of use of a building or part of a building to use as a single dwelling house

10 years

for all other developments, including non-residential changes of use and change of use of land for the stationing of a residential mobile home

We can provide advice and work with you to collate evidence to prove when a development took place or how long a use has been taking place. This can include Statutory Declarations, which are legal accounts of events written by an individual (signed in front of a solicitor).

We always seek to engage with Local Planning Authority Officers at an early stage in the application determination period to ensure that where at all possible, applications are approved first time.

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