Preparing a planning application can be a complex process with Local Planning Authorities requiring an increasing amount of information to support an application.

We are able to prepare and submit your planning application and communicate with the local planning authority through to its decision. Our strategy is to engage with the local planning authority as early as possible during the determination period to maximise the chances of an application being approved at the first attempt.

We can recommend Architects who can work with us to create a proposal that meets your requirements and maximises the chances of getting planning permission.

We have built excellent working relationships with a wide range of consultants (including, but not limited to: Highway and Drainage Consultants, Ecologists, Landscape Architects and Heritage Consultants). By creating a bespoke team of consultants on your behalf, we can ensure all relevant constraints and opportunities are taken into account in your development proposal, and that you include the necessary technical details for your planning application.

Where appropriate, we can also facilitate communication with local community members and politicians on your behalf during the preparation of planning applications.