The Planning System can appear complex and is constantly evolving. We will guide you through it and provide you with clear and honest advice on how to develop your land or buildings.

The first thing we will do is advise you on a site’s National and Local Planning Policies, together with any constraints and opportunities. If we believe there is development potential, we will offer you Planning Strategy advice on ways to maximise your chances of successfully achieving planning approval.

You can expect us to offer advice on such matters as:

What kind of development may be acceptable

Technical reports necessary to provide supporting information for any planning application

(e.g. ecology, highways, heritage)

Planning Obligations the local planning authority can request as part of a planning permission

Timeframes for preparing and submitting a planning application or for promoting land for longer-term development

Whether a phased approach could enhance the potential of a site

Engaging with politicians and local residents

If you choose to proceed, we can offer full project management for your planning application or land promotion. Please contact us for details.